Our board-certified psychiatrists provide psychiatric medication management services and assessments for diagnostic clarity. Appointments can be scheduled both in person at our Metairie office and virtually through telehealth.

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  • 433 Metairie Rd, Ste. 520, Metairie, LA 70005
    *Telehealth available for virtual appointments.

Contact Information

Current Patient Information:

If you are a current patient of Dr. Bliss, please note the following information regarding processes for request of records, paperwork, and medication refills.

  1. For all records requests, this must be submitted in writing to our office by emailing your name, date of birth, and outlining what records you are requesting. You can email us at
    *Please note all records requests take up to 2 weeks to coordinate sending records.
  2. For any requests regarding paperwork (i.e. disability paperwork, letters, etc.), you must schedule an appointment to discuss this with Dr. Bliss. All paperwork requests can be followed up by sending an email to
    *Please note any requests regarding paperwork will take up to 2 weeks to coordinate.
  3. For medication refills, we recommend first contacting the pharmacy to confirm if you have refills put in and that they have received your prescription. If you have issues after being in touch with the pharmacy, please email us at to receive the quickest response to resolve any medication issues. If you have a current issue or side effect with current medications, you must schedule an appointment to see Dr. Bliss by calling our front desk at (985) 624-2942.